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Intern/Assistant in Training - Course & Grounds

2017 Intern - Shawn Bailey (Olds College, Olds, Alberta)

My story starts in Rigaud, Quebec. A small farm town about an hour away from Montreal. My father was the superintendent of a private golf club. That is where I learned to golf through the junior program, all the while running through sprinklers in the fairways during the heat of the summers. The funny thing is, 20 years later… I’m still running through sprinklers during the heat of the summer I guess somethings never change.

My first official job, was working at the private club Whitlock Golf and Country Club in Hudson Quebec at the age of 14. I worked there for many years and accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge. More recently, I was employed in Kamloops at Tobiano Golf Course prior to joining the team at Capilano for my internship.

Through research and great deliberation, I chose to enroll at Olds College in Alberta. The turf program is very unique. Their delivery methods as well as their school calendar where the deciding factors for my enrollment. I’m will be starting my second year of the Bachelor of Turfgrass Management January 2, 2018.

My internship at Capilano Golf and Country Club was a great success. My first couple of weeks were definitely full on, although I was able to find my place within the team and become a strong contributing member. The superintendent and his assistants expected a lot from their interns, but they always had an understanding demeanor and ready to help me through any issues. My internship at Capilano Golf and Country Club will be an experience that I will cherish, reflect on, and use as inspiration for many years to come.

After the completion of my schooling, I will be continuing to look for new opportunities to grow and learn, while implementing my acquired knowledge and skills. I’m interested in international placement, although there is still a lot to see and learn within our own boarders.

I wouldn’t recommend the job to just anybody. It is a fast paced, detail oriented environment that demands the best of you. It was a different, and at times difficult compared to anything I had been exposed to before. With that in mind, If I could, would do it again many times over. The management team made it very clear that they were there to help and guide me through my internship. Therefore, Capilano Golf and Country Club had my undivided attention. This decision will be paying out dividends for many years to come. I now have a strong understanding of what is required to put together and maintain a premier golf course, while having made solid connections with the industry leaders and professionals.

Shawn is currently a Foreman at Tobiano Golf Course.
2017 Intern - Arran Marlow (University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario)

Originally from a Quadra Island, British Columbia, I got my first job greenkeeping at Quadra Island Golf Club, a new (at the time) nine-hole facility located about 15 minutes from where I grew up. I spent 2 years at Quadra Island Golf Club before moving on to Whistler Golf Club where I spent three years learning the finer points of managing a resort style golf course. During my time at Whistler I completed the Maintaining Golf Courses Certificate through the University of Guelph open education program. Following my tenure at Whistler Golf Club I did a brief stint at Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Cub as an Assistant Irrigation Tech where I was able to focus on developing my irrigation knowledge and practical experience.

In the fall of 2016 I drove out to Guelph, Ontario to begin my two-year Diploma in Turfgrass Management at the University of Guelph. My prior work and education proved to be valuable experiences to draw upon during my first year in school. After my first year in university I drove back to the west coast of Canada to begin my internship at Capilano Golf and Country Club located in West Vancouver, B.C. My internship at Capilano was a very diverse experience; I was able to be involved in any project or operation I showed interest in and the management team did not hesitate to give me the trust and responsibilities to facilitate this. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Capilano and would recommend it to anyone looking for a top-class golf course experience. My advice to any future interns at Capilano would be to show up with a good attitude and strive to lead by example every day.

I will graduate with my diploma this coming April and hope to head back to B.C. and work in an Assistants role for 2-4 years before looking to find a Superintendents position.

Arran is currently the Second Assistant Superintendent at the Whistler Golf Club.
2016 Assistant In Training - Jake Dueck (Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Langley, British Columbia)

During the 2016 season at Capilano I was able to join the team as the Club's first AIT (Assistant in Training). This position gave me a fantastic opportunity to build on my skills in all areas of turf management including irrigation, cultivation and fertility. Most importantly I was given the chance to see firsthand what it takes to manage the grounds department of a world class facility. I was able to help manage the weekend crew by taking part in the morning meetings as well as assist in delegating morning tasks.
After a brief stint as the Assistant Superintendent at Cultus Lake Golf Club in Chilliwack, B.C, I returned to Capilano as the Environmental Coordinator for 2017 and was promoted to Second Assistant Superintendent at Capilano in June of 2018.
2015 Intern - Scott O'Donoghue (Olds College, Olds, Alberta)
Before coming to Capilano, my only golf course experience was at a public course in interior BC.  After seeing the property for the first time I couldn’t wait to get started.
Throughout my internship at Capilano, I was given every opportunity to continue my education, and achieve my learning goals.  Jamie Robb, Michael Newton, Stuart Sheridan, and the rest of the staff were always willing and eager to share their wealth of knowledge with me. For example, my first week of work was during spring aeration. During this busy week, Mike and Stu were always available to help me get accustomed to the course, as well as to explain how they would like the practices to be completed, and why we were performing these cultural practices.
From being involved with fertilizer and chemical applications, assisting with irrigation, construction, cultural practices, as well as getting to operate the wide assortment of equipment at the course, I was able to build a great foundation of skills that I can further my career off of.  Also, the professionalism that is emitted by the management staff is something to marvel at, and after completing my internship I feel that I can now exude the same levels of professionalism. I am so thankful for the opportunity to Intern at Capilano. The experience I have received has me set up for a bright future in the Turfgrass industry.
Scott spent part of 2017 as the Second Assistant Superintendent at Olympic View Golf Club on Vancouver Island and is currently working for the municipality
2015 Intern - Mark Stoklosa (Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Langley, British Columbia)

As a student from Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Langley B.C, I jumped on the opportunity to apply as an Intern at Capilano Golf and Country Club. It was one of the best decisions I have made in my career to this point. It offered a learning opportunity by enabling me to operate new machinery, calibrate and apply fertility, understand operations, and manage employees to name a few.
Coming from a public golf course, I never had the chance to understand how a high-end golf club operates. I was exposed to all aspects of the operation including: irrigation, mechanics, fertility, cultural practices, mowing and management. One thing I soon realized, is that even though one might be able to perform a task, there is always room for improvement. Now, when I hear the word “details” I think Capilano. The details are what sets this club apart from everyone else in my opinion.
To all future interns, I would not let this opportunity slide. The skills and lessons I have taken away from this internship will stay with me as my career in the turf industry continues. I would like to thank Jamie, Mike, Stu, and the crew for taking their time to help me grow into a professional and understand the unending dedication and passion it takes to run the best course in B.C.. It is evident they truly love what they do and it is reflected in the beauty of the golf course.
Mark is currently one of the Foremen at Riverway Golf Course in the City of Burnaby
2014 Intern - Morgan Robins (Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA)

As part of my education at the Pennsylvania State University myself and fellow classmates are required to complete an internship as part of our in field training.  I was born in the province of Ontario and have always wanted to live on the west coast of Canada.  I began my career at a Stanley Thompson golf course; so coming to work at Capilano was an obvious choice for my internship.

My internship at Capilano has allowed me to better myself and my career in many different ways.  The management team pushed me day to day with new and exciting tasks to keep me motivated and constantly on my toes.  I played a large role this summer with fertilizer and chemical applications which allowed me to take pride in my work and also to look at a golf course in a different manner.  I was able to operate several new pieces of equipment this summer and learned how to condition a golf course using the most cutting edge agronomical practices.  Jamie, Mike, and Stuart led me by example day to day in terms of professionalism, and I left the course this summer a more mature and responsible person because of this.
I am truly thankful to have had the opportunity to work at Capilano Golf and Country Club this summer and would not change a single thing about my internship.  I would like to thank Jamie, Mike, Stuart, Tom and the rest of the staff on the Course and Grounds team for making me feel at home and giving me a great environment to learn in.  I know that what I have gained this summer will have a very positive effect on my career in the turf industry.

Upon graduation from The Pennsylvania State University, Morgan returned to Capilano Golf and Country Club as the Environmental Coordinator. Morgan was the recipeint of the 2015 Toro Future Superintendent of the Year Award which is awarded through the CGSA. Morgan accepted the Second Assistant Superintendent position at The Vancouver Golf Club in 2017.

2014 Intern - Ryan Costello (University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario)

During my time at Capilano I was exposed to many facets of the golf industry that were previously unknown to me.  Jamie Robb, Michael Newton, and Stuart Sheridan were extremely accommodating with my learning objectives and eager to share their experience.
One of my main objectives this summer was to become comfortable operating a sprayer.  Within the first few days I was already involved with the calculation, application, and documentation of liquid fertilizers and chemicals.  These experiences helped me to solidify information I have gathered in the classroom.
I also had the privilege to attend two BCGSA meetings where I was able to meet other members from the industry.  These events were terrific opportunities for me to learn from some incredibly knowledgeable people. The entire staff at Capilano was very welcoming and enthusiastically shared their knowledge with me.  The experience I have gathered has done more than enough to prepare me for my second year at the University of Guelph.
My time at Capilano provided me with an extensive base knowledge of turfgrass management that I will continue to build on for the rest of my career.
After completing his Associate Diploma in Turfgrass Management, Ryan spent the following summer working as the Spray Technician at Port Carling Golf and Country Club. Ryan has returned to the University of Guelph where he is working to complete his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with a major in Turfgrass Science.